17 Situation Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

Welcome to the world of situation riddles with answers for kids and students. Situation riddles, also known as lateral thinking puzzles, are a type of brain teaser that requires you to analyze and interpret a given scenario in order to find the solution. These types of riddles often involve seemingly impossible or unlikely situations, forcing you to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions. They can be challenging and frustrating, but they can also be incredibly rewarding when you finally crack the code. Whether you’re a seasoned riddle solver or just starting out, these puzzles are sure to keep your mind sharp and your problem-solving skills on point.

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Situation Riddles With Answers For Kids

1. Before reading ahead, you must know the fact that only one of the people here is telling the truth. A says that B is lying. B says that C is lying. C says both A and B are lying. Can you find out who is speaking the truth? Answer: B is speaking the truth. A is lying when he says that B is lying. B is telling the truth when he says that C is lying. C is lying when he says that both A and B are lying since one of them is speaking the truth.

2. A woman buys a new pair of shoes in the morning, and she goes to work that night. She dies at work. How? Answer: The new pair of shoes she bought were high heels, which made her taller. Since she works at a circus in the knife-throwing act, the man who throws knives at her is used to her regular height. So when he starts throwing knives at her, he hits her by accident.

3. A woman completes a drawing and then commits suicide. Why? Answer: Long suspicious of her family history, the woman does the research necessary to draw her family tree. Upon completing it, she confirms that she is the product of incest, a fact she cannot live with.

4. A man kisses his daughter, then regrets it. Answer: The man is King Midas.

5. A man is found dead in an empty room, with only a pool of water nearby. How did he die? Answer: He was stabbed with an icicle.

6. A man is found dead in a cabin in the woods. How did he die? Answer: It’s the cabin of an airplane that crashed in the woods.

7. A man finds his wife dead and a stranger in the room. Answer: His wife died in childbirth.

8. Two players were arrested on the spot by the police while swapping their jerseys openly during the half break of the soccer world cup. Why do you think they were arrested? Answer: It was a women’s world cup. The country had strict rules against female nudity and thus, the players were arrested.

9. Two men enter a bar. They both order identical drinks. One life; the other dies. (CR; partial JM wording) Answer: The drinks contain poisoned ice cubes; one man drinks slowly, giving them time to melt, while the other drinks quickly and thus doesn’t get much of the poison. The fact that they drink at different speeds could be added to the statement, possibly along with red herrings such as saying that one of the men is big and burly and the other short and thin.

10. Two dead people sit in their cars on a street. (AG) Answer: Because there was a heavy fog, two people driving in opposite directions on the same road both stuck their heads out of their windows to better see the road’s center line. Their heads hit each other at high speed, killing them both. Andreas says this is based on an actual accident.

11. There is blood on the ceiling of my bedroom. (MI original) Answer: A mosquito bit me, and I swatted it when it later landed on my ceiling (so the blood is my own as well as the mosquito’s).

12. A man sitting on a park bench reads a newspaper article headlined “Death at Sea” and knows a murder has been committed. (from How Come?) Answer: The man is a travel agent. He had sold someone two tickets for an ocean voyage, one round-trip and one one-way. The last name of the man who bought the tickets is the same as the last name of the woman who “fell” overboard and drowned on the same voyage, which is the subject of the article he’s reading. This may have derived from a story by Alfred Hitchcock if the following Hitchcock quotation is accurate: “If you take your wife on a sea voyage, buy her a round-trip ticket no matter what your plans may be.” According to How Come? it’s loosely based on the real-life case of a killer named Henry Landru.

13. A man lies dead next to a cactus. Stuck to the cactus is a slip of paper. (TO) Answer: The man was lost in the desert for days. He couldn’t find any landmarks, so he started sticking slips of paper to the cactuses he passed. After another day of walking, with almost no water left, he came across this cactus, which had a slip of paper on it already; he knew that he was walking in circles, so rather than wait to die of thirst he shot himself.

14. A man lets go of a bowling ball. A short while later, he is rushed to the hospital. (JC original?) Answer: A physics professor is demonstrating the conservation of energy by suspending a bowling ball from a piece of rope. He pulls the ball back until it’s right in front of his nose, then let’s go. It is supposed to swing away from him, then back at him, stopping just in front of his nose. Unfortunately, he gave the ball a slight push, resulting in the ball crashing into his nose upon its return.

15. A man in uniform stands on the beach of a tropical island. He takes out a cigarette, lights it, and begins smoking. He takes out a letter and begins reading it. The cigarette burns down between his fingers, but he doesn’t throw it away. He cries. (RW) Answer: He is a guard/attendant in a leper colony. The letter (to him) tells him that he has contracted the disease. The key is the cigarette burning down between his fingers — leprosy is fairly unique in killing off sensory nerves without destroying motor ability.

16. A man finishes getting dressed, lies down, and dies. (CH original?) Answer: There is a poisonous spider in the toe of his shoe. The last things he puts on are his shoes. He gets bitten, feels ill, lies down on his bed, and then dies of the poison. (It’s a particularly poisonous spider, like the Australian Funnel-Web, whose bite can kill an adult human in 5 minutes, or the brown recluse, which I gather is also pretty deadly.)

17. A man brushes his teeth, turns out the light, and goes to bed. The next morning he wakes up, looks out the window, and kills himself. Answer: The man is a lighthouse keeper. He accidentally turned off the lighthouse beacon. In the morning he sees a shipwreck that he realizes he has caused.

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