Seeking: Definition, Synonyms, and Examples

The term “seeking” generally refers to the act of searching for or trying to find something. It can encompass various aspects of searching, whether it’s seeking knowledge, seeking advice, seeking opportunities, seeking meaning, seeking truth, or seeking solutions to problems. The context in which the term is used determines what exactly is being sought after or pursued. In personal development or spiritual contexts, “seeking” might refer to a quest for self-discovery, enlightenment, or a deeper understanding of life’s purpose. In other situations, it can simply mean looking for information, guidance, or resources to achieve a specific goal.

Meaning and definition of ‘seeking’

The term “seeking” typically refers to the act of trying to find or discover something. Here are a few meanings and definitions of the word:

1. Search or Quest: Seeking involves actively looking for or pursuing something, whether it’s information, knowledge, advice, opportunities, solutions, or a deeper understanding of a subject.

2. Desire for Knowledge or Understanding: It often involves a desire to gain knowledge, understanding, or insight into a particular topic, concept, or situation.

3. Personal or Spiritual Exploration: In a broader sense, seeking can refer to a personal or spiritual exploration, the pursuit of self-discovery, enlightenment, or a quest for meaning and purpose in life.

4. Effort or Intent to Find: It implies making an effort or having the intention to find, discover, or obtain something, often driven by curiosity, necessity, or aspiration.

In essence, “seeking” embodies the active and purposeful pursuit of something, whether tangible or abstract, with the aim of discovering, understanding, or obtaining it.

Synonyms and Antonyms of seeking


  • Searching
  • Looking for
  • Pursuing
  • Questing
  • Hunting
  • Exploring
  • Scouring
  • Questing
  • Researching
  • Sifting


  • Finding
  • Obtaining
  • Discovering
  • Acquiring
  • Receiving
  • Surrendering
  • Relinquishing
  • Abandoning
  • Forsaking
  • Giving up

Examples of ‘seeking’ in sentences

  • She was seeking advice from experienced professionals before starting her own business.
  • The hikers were seeking the summit of the mountain, aiming to reach it before sunset.
  • After college, he spent a year traveling, seeking new experiences and cultures.
  • The company is actively seeking candidates with strong leadership skills for its managerial positions.
  • Despite his success, he continued seeking knowledge, enrolling in various online courses.
  • The detective was seeking clues to solve the mysterious disappearance of the artifact.
  • They’re seeking justice for the victims of the crime, advocating for a fair trial.
  • She’s currently seeking a better work-life balance and considering remote job opportunities.
  • The explorer spent years seeking the lost city, driven by tales from ancient texts.
  • As an artist, she is constantly seeking inspiration for her next masterpiece.

Other forms of ‘seeking’ in sentences

The word “seeking” is the present participle form of the verb “seek.” Here are various forms of “seek” that can be used in sentences:

  1. Seek (Base form):
    • They seek advice from experts regularly.
    • She will seek permission before entering the restricted area.
    • They seek knowledge through continuous learning.
  2. Seeks (Third person singular, simple present):
    • He seeks the truth in every situation.
    • He seeks approval from his peers for every decision.
    • The company seeks innovative solutions to improve efficiency.
  3. Sought (Past tense):
    • She sought guidance from her mentor last year.
    • Last month, she sought advice from a career counselor.
    • The explorers sought shelter from the storm in a nearby cave.
  4. Seeking (Present participle):
    • They are currently seeking new opportunities.
    • They are currently seeking funding for their startup.
    • The organization is seeking volunteers for its upcoming event.
  5. Seeks (Present tense):
    • She often seeks clarification when faced with uncertainty.
    • Every weekend, she seeks solitude in nature.
    • He often seeks clarification during team meetings.
  6. Will seek (Future tense):
    • We will seek your assistance when we need it.
    • Tomorrow, they will seek your expertise in solving the problem.
    • In the coming months, the committee will seek public input on the proposed changes.
  7. Have sought (Present perfect):
    • I have sought advice from multiple sources but haven’t found a solution yet.
    • They have sought legal advice regarding the property dispute.
    • The researchers have sought various methodologies to conduct their experiments.
  8. Had sought (Past perfect):
    • By the time they arrived, she had already sought help.
    • By the time she reached the city, he had already sought information about the best restaurants.
    • They had sought multiple opinions before making the final decision.

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