26 Motivational Quotes For Students And Kids To Work Hard

Hard work is necessary to succeed in life. For student life, it is of utmost required. They should be taught about the importance of hard work and the benefits that come with it. Here are some best motivational quotes for students to work hard for getting success in life.

Motivational Quotes for Students to Work Hard

1. “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” ― Pele

2. “If you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.” ― Conan O’Brien

3. “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” ― George Herman Ruth

4. “There is no secret to success except hard work and getting something indefinable which we call ‘the breaks.” ― Countee Cullen

5. “If you try and lose then it isn’t your fault. But if you don’t try and we lose, then it’s all your fault.” ― Orson Scott Card

6. “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.” ― Albert Einstein

7. “Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

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8. “Success is not handed to you. You must work hard for it and you must never dishonor what you’ve achieved.” ― Gail Tsukiyama

9. “Stop waiting and start working. Stop wishing and start walking.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

10. “Thinking is hard work, which is why you don’t see many people doing it.” ― Sue Grafton

11. “Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” ― Gordon B. Hinckley

12. “If you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up.” ― Laurie Notaro

13. “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” ― Kevin Durant

Motivational Quotes For Students And Kids on Hard Work and Success

14. “Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.” ― Frank Ocean

15. “Dealing with failure is easy: Work hard to improve. Success is also easy to handle: You’ve solved the wrong problem. Work hard to improve.” ― Alan J. Perlis

16. “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing, and work hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your life – will come to you. And stay.” ― Will Smith

17. “When you study great teachers… you will learn much more from their caring and hard work than from their style.” ― William Glasser

18. “Believe that your hard work, dedication, and persistence will pay off; improve through continual learning and believe in your future.” ― Lorii Myers

19. “Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.” ― Michael Jordan

20. “Thinking is the capital, Enterprise is the way, Hard Work is the solution” ― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

21. “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion.” ― Simon Sinek

22. “Hard work is much more important than talent” ― Carlo Rotella

23. “Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.” ― Jim Rohn

24. “Hard work makes you feel good because you have accomplished something.” ― Alcurtis Turner

25. “Congratulate yourself as a good beginner. Feel proud of God for choosing you to begin the work at hand. Accept the work freely and get started. Be grateful.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

26. “Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy” ― Robert Half

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