15 Military Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

Grow your knowledge with the help of the below easy and hard military riddles with answers.

Military Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

1. There are three old women: who sigh and gasp nearby, all people are deaf. Answer: Guns

2. Created in the last century miracle ear man. For a hundred miles it will hear like a bear in a den breath. Answer: Radar

3. Can you become a soldier swim, ride and fly, and be in the ranks to go hunting? Waiting for you soldier. Answer: Infantry

4. At first he was a cadet, he came to the regiment as a lieutenant, he is trained to fight how to call him, tell me. Answer: The officer

5. In Any military profession you must definitely learn to be the backbone of the country so that the world does not have… Answer: Wars

6. A black grouse flew in the evening. I fell into a swan, and now I can’t find it. Answer: Bullet

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7. You can be a sailor to protect the border, and serve not on earth, and in the military. Answer: Ship

8. This gun doesn’t shoot throws stones far away, there are no fortresses in the world standing before her. Answer: Catapult

9. I’m in the Navy now my hearing is good. There is the same in the infantry – we are friends with the walkie-talkie for a reason! Answer: Radio operator

10. Breathes with fire, burns with fire. Answer: A gun

11. A raven is flying, all bound, whom it will bite, to that death. Answer: Bullet

12. What’s on the shoulders of the military? Answer: Shoulder straps

13. Under fire, under bullets straight, ours went through the whole war. Answer: Armored cat

14. The trunk sticks out of the fence, and he scribbles relentlessly. Those who are smart will understand. What is it? Answer: Machine gun

15. The plane is taking off, and I’m ready to fly. I’m waiting for that cherished order to protect you from heaven! Answer: The war pilot

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