17 Interview Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

Grow your knowledge with the help of the below easy, hard, and interview riddles with answers.

Interview Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

1. Suppose a clock takes 7 seconds to strike 7. How long does it take for the same clock to strike 10? Answer: It will take 10.5 seconds for the clock to strike 10. While striking 7, the clock strikes the first gong at 7 o’clock and it strikes 6 more at regular intervals. These 6 intervals take 7 seconds, so the interval between gongs is 7⁄6 seconds. However, to strike 10, there are 9 intervals each taking 7⁄6 seconds. This adds up to a total of (9 x 7⁄6) 10.5 seconds.

2. People who smoke are much more likely to develop lung cancer than those who do not smoke. What research would possibly show that cigarette smoking does not cause cancer? Answer: One that shows an indirect relationship between smoking and lung cancer, i.e “smoking causes X, X causes lung cancer”. The key here is to look at “cause” as a direct relationship.

3. How many cubes are at the center of a Rubik’s Cube? Answer: One Cube

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4. Donald brought his wife to the hospital because she was suffering from appendicitis. The doctors removed her appendix. Five years later, the very same Donald brings his wife in, again for appendicitis. How is this possible? Answer: Donald divorced and remarried.

5. Calculate the number of degrees between the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock (nondigital) that reads 3:15. Answer: 7.5 degrees

6. A woman and her daughter walked into a restaurant. A man walked past and the women both said “Hello, Father”. How is this possible? Answer: The man is a priest, or his name is Father.

7. There are three playing cards lying face up, side by side. A five is just to the right of a two. A five is just to the left of a two. A spade is just to the left of a club, and a spade is just to the right of a spade. What are the three cards? Answer: They are either: 2 of spades, 5 of spades, and 2 of the club; or 5 of spades, 2 of spades, and 5 of club

8. There are eight balls, one of which is slightly heavier than the others. You have a two-armed scale, which you are allowed to use only twice. Find the ball that’s heavier. Answer: Pick two and weigh them against each other.

9. There are 25 red balls, 47 green balls, and 3 blue balls in a basket. There is a blind man. What is the minimum number of balls that the blind man has to pick to make sure that there are at least 2 balls of different colors? Answer: 48 balls.

10. The number of bacteria in a large sealed jar doubles every minute. The bacteria will take an hour to fill the jar. When will the jar be half full? Answer: The jar will be half full in 59 minutes. A minute later, it will double and will fill the jar.

11. The Batting team’s players get out in 10 consecutive balls, without making any attempt to take runs and all the balls were legal deliveries. Which number Batsman will be shown not out on the scorecard? Answer: 8

12. A horse jumps over a castle, then lands on a man. The man disappears. What’s happening? Answer: Chess.

13. You wake up one morning and there’s been a power outage. You know you have 12 black socks and 8 blue ones. How many socks do you need to pull out before you’ve got a match? Answer: Pick three

14. When purchased together, a pair of binoculars and the case cost $100. If the binoculars cost $90 more than the case, how much does the case cost? Answer: The case costs $5; the binoculars cost $95.

15. What letter is two to the right of the letter which is four to the left of the letter which is immediate to the right of the letter four to the right of the letter C below? A B C D E F G H. Answer: The letter F. Let’s work backward. So, let’s start with the letter C and four to the right of C is G. To the right of G is H. Four to the left of H is D. Finally, two to the right of D is F.

16. Today is Saturday. A person wants to meet a lawyer and as that lawyer is busy he asks him to come three days after the day of the day after tomorrow. On which day the lawyer asks the person to come? Answer: The lawyer asked him to come on Wednesday. If today is Saturday, the “day after tomorrow” is Monday. Therefore, the “before the day of the day after tomorrow” is Sunday. So, “three days after the before the day of the day after tomorrow” means “3 days after Sunday”, which is Wednesday.

17. Today is Monday. What day of the week will it be 61 days from today? Answer: It will be on a Saturday. Each day of the week is repeated after 7 days. So, after 63 days, it will be Monday. After 61 days, it will be Saturday.

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