13 Fantasy Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

Grow your knowledge with the help of the below easy and hard fantasy riddles with answers.

Fantasy Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

1. Passed from parent to child, and shared between siblings, though it is used more by others. Answer: A name

2. Kids fear him as he brings bad nightmares; the guardians fight him back and remove all the despair. What is his name? Answer: Pitch Black

3. It looks like a big scary reptile with two wings, but it’s not a bird. It has a tail, but it’s not a dog, it has scales but no fins, so it’s not a fish. He follows Daenerys on her wish. What is it? Answer: Dragon

4. I hide around the house, moving during the night. Santa sent me to see who’s naughty and nice. What am I? Answer: The Elf on the Shelf.

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5. How does a mermaid make friends with a dolphin? Answer: On porpoise!

6. He is popular as the man on the moon but plays outside with kids when it’s noon. What is his name? Answer: Jack Frost

7. Why do leprechauns giggle when they play soccer? Answer: Cause the grass tickles their balls.

8. What kind of witch lives on a beach? Answer: A sandwich

9. What do elves learn in the classroom? Answer: The elf-abet

10. This is no ordinary thing. People fear it more than death, and a witch coven protects it all the time. What is it? Answer: A magical curse.

11. They are tiny beautiful beings, can be seen flying around, and are friends with Peter Pan. Who are they? Answer: Fairies

12. Starts with B and ends with T; he is friends with Belle and has a huge library. He is the opposite of beauty. Who is he? Answer: Beast

13. She is an expert on Peter Pan and has two children of her own. Who is she? Answer: Wendy Darling

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