15 Engineering Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

Grow your knowledge with the help of the below easy and hard engineering riddles with answers.

Engineering Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

1. I’m a red and black structure and often forgotten about after learning. Although you almost always use a different color from me for Christmas. What am I? Answer: A red-black tree

2. I’m a language for everything yet I have no real identity of my own. Good luck trying to compile me. What am I? Answer: Pseudocode

3. I come small, as small as you can get in fact. With many well-thought-out versions of me, I bring stability. What am I? Answer: A unit test

4. I catch you and your teammates when you fall and I can be you in a pinch. What am I? Answer: A product/project manager

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5. I’m your “waiter” for information. What I am? Answer: A server

6. I’m sent before I’m ready, I’ll break before you know it and you can’t find me many places. What am I? Answer: A beta release

7. I’m fundamental and used to building larger structures. While you’ll find many different kinds of me, we all just mess with information in different ways. What am I? Answer: A data structure

8. I’m a simple thing, nothing special. While I have many cousins we’re all very similar because we set your project up. What am I? Answer: A configuration file

9. As a developer, you usually get mad at me because I complain a lot, although I’m usually right. What am I? Answer: A compiler

10. You’re given a pair of tic-tac-toe boards… Find a way to determine, when rotated, that they are the same board. Answer: There are 7 other conditions to check.

11. You have two light bulbs in a 100-story building. You want to find out what floor the bulb will break on, using the least number of drops. Answer: 16

12. You have an infinite supply of water and you also have a 5-liter bucket and a 3-liter bucket. How do you measure four liters? Answer: Start by filling the five-liter bucket…

13. There are 50 bikes, each with a tank that holds enough gas to go 100 km. Using these 50 bikes, what is the maximum distance that you can go? Answer: 350 km

14. The more you code, the more of me there is. I may be gone for now but you can’t get rid of me forever. What am I? Answer: A bug

15. If you had an infinite supply of water and a 5-liter and 3-liter bucket, how would you measure exactly 4 liters? The buckets do not have any intermediate markings. Answer: A lot of wasted water

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