21 Dungeons And Dragons Riddles With Answers

Grow your knowledge with the help of the below easy and hard Dungeons And Dragons riddles with answers.

Dungeons And Dragons Riddles With Answers

1. If you feed me, I will live, but if you make me drink, I will die. What am I? Answer: Fire

2. If you drop me, I’m sure to crack. Give me a smile, and I’ll always smile back. Answer: A mirror

3. I protect priceless treasures without ever having to move my body. I open like books when you need something from me. I feel inadequate if I do not consume gold. What am I? Answer: Treasure chest

4. I don’t have eyes, But once I did see. I once had thoughts, Now white and empty. Answer: A skull

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5. I am the beginning of the end and the end of before. Answer: Letter “E”

6. I am an eye set on a blue face. My gaze feeds the world. If I go blind so does the world. Answer: The sun

7. Bright as diamonds, Loud as thunder, Never still, A thing of wonder. Answer: a waterfall

8. The more you leave behind, the more you take. Answer: Footsteps

9. Passed from parent to child, and shared between siblings, though it is used more by others. Answer: A name

10. No matter is parched, no matter if rolled. No matter if magic, no matter how old. Answer: Paper

11. Name me and so ye shall break me. Answer: Silence

12. My life can be measured in hours, I only serve to be devoured. Slim, I am quick. Fat, I am slow. The wind is my foe. Answer: A candle!

13. It is common in castles, dungeons, chocolate houses, and witches’ towers but not in Dracula’s coffin. What is it? Answer: The letter E

14. It breathes fire and can fly high. If you train him and befriend this mighty beast, it can show you around. What is it? Answer: Dragon

15. You cannot enter this room. What room is it in? Answer: Mushroom

16. What has six legs, but walks on only four? Answer: A person riding a horse

17. What has a golden head and a golden tail but no body? Answer: A gold coin.

18. What falls but never breaks, and what breaks but never falls? Answer: Night and day

19. What breathes, consumes, and grows, but was and never will be alive? Answer: Fire

20. What always runs but never walks? Often murmurs never talk. Has a bed but never sleeps. An open mouth that never eats? Answer: a river.

21. They call me the king. I have the eyes, hiss, and fangs of a snake, but have no scales or venom. Answer: Cats

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