Concrete Noun – Definition And Examples

Human beings have 5 senses. Whatever is around you, if you identify those with the help of any one of your 5 senses, then its name will be called a concrete noun.

What is a concrete noun?

A concrete noun is a noun that denotes the names of things that can be recognized through any of the 5 senses.

As you know that human beings have 5 senses. These are sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste.

If you can identify something through one of these, then its name will be a concrete noun.

For example, building

You can touch it, you can see it too. Hence it is a concrete noun.

Noise: You can hear it, so it’s a concrete noun.

Rainbow: You can see it, so it’s Concrete Noun.

SweetSmell, touch, sight, taste
FlowerSmell, touch, sight
FoodSmell, touch, sight, taste
PenTouch, sight
RainTouch, sight
GarlicSmell, taste, touch, sight

Other types of concrete nouns

Person: engineer, clerk, boy, girl, child, father, mother, teacher, etc.

Animal: cat, dog, cow, elephant, tiger, lion, peacock, hummingbird, parrot, monkey, rat, etc.

Place: school, house, building, mall, playground, fort, lake, river, mountain, etc.

Things: mobile, fire, water, TV, laptop, pen, soap, glass, bike, bus, chair, table, food, bottle, bag, etc.

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