Common Noun Definition and Examples

You see a lot of people, animals, or things around you and call them all by one general name. This general name is called a common noun. In this post, we are sharing complete information about common noun along with its definition and examples.

What is a Common Noun?

Common nouns are everywhere. Because wherever you look, you will find something. And it all has some names. Although it will not be a specific name, a name has been given to them to identify. The name refers to some name of a person, animal, place, thing, etc. This name is called a common noun.

You can find many common nouns in your home too. Such as doors, windows, chairs, tv, book, food, etc.

What is the definition of the common noun?

A common noun is a word that refers to the general name of a group or class of people, places, animals, or things.

For example, A dog was barking.

Here, you do not know which dog was barking. You are just giving the name of an animal which is called a dog. If you knew which dog was barking, you would point to a specified dog. And it would have become a proper noun instead of a common noun.

Common Noun Examples

Common nouns, related to Person: pilot, teacher, student, girl, boy, mother, father, cricketer, player, man, woman, accountant, clerk, president, kid, child, etc.

Common nouns, related to place: bathroom, school, fort, road, city, country, continent, village, study room, house, railway station, etc.

Common nouns, related to animals: dog, cat, elephant, bird, tiger, cow, horse, donkey, lion, cheetah, bear, turtle, tortoise, crocodile, etc.

Common nouns, related to Things: car, bike, train, shoes, mobile, laptop, smartphone, tv, helmet, salt, water, chair, table, pen, book, shop, apple, orange, etc.

Common nouns related to Ideas and feelings: hurt, poverty, love, sleep, clever, fearless, friendship, freedom, talent, memory, failure, success, plan, strength, life, energy, etc.

Rules of Common Noun for capitalization

There are many mistakes we are making while using common nouns. But we need to pay attention to this. Let us know about some rules.

1. There is never any capitalization of a common noun. You have to keep in mind that whenever you use a common noun in a sentence, never capitalize the first letter of it.

For example,

I saw a dog on the road.

In this sentence, dog and road are two common nouns, the first letter of both of them is not capitalized.

You cannot write this sentence as “I saw a Dog on the Road”.

2. If a sentence begins with a common noun, it may be capitalized.

For example,

Water is essential for life.

Here water is a common noun and the “W” is capitalized because it comes first in the sentence.

3. If we are talking about something specific then the first letter of the common noun can be capitalized. If we are talking about a job or position, then it is not capitalized. If it comes with a title, we can capitalize it.

For example, the president is a common noun.

In February 2022, President Donald Trump visited India.

Here we can capitalize president.

Other examples: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President of India, President Kalam, Missile Man of India, King of Bollywood, etc.

4. If the common noun appears in the title of a movie, book, or song, then it will be capitalized.

For example:

  • Movie name: Yaadon ki Baarat, The Deer Hunter, Full Metal Jacket, Wonder Woman.

Aamir Khan started his film career in Yaadon ki Baarat.

The director of the film Wonder Woman is Patty Jenkins.

  • Book name: War and Peace, The Divine Comedy, Heart of Darkness, The Magic Mountain.
  • Song or album name: House of Balloons, Midnight Rain, Hours in Silence, Broke Boy, etc.

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