Camaraderie: Meaning, Synonyms, and Examples

“Camaraderie” refers to a warm and friendly feeling of trust and goodwill among a group of people who share common interests, goals, or experiences. It’s like a sense of friendship and mutual support that develops when individuals in a group get along well and enjoy each other’s company. Camaraderie often contributes to a positive and collaborative atmosphere within a team or community.

Meaning and definition of ‘camaraderie’

“Camaraderie” refers to a sense of mutual trust and friendship among a group of people who share common interests or experiences. It is characterized by a warm and harmonious relationship where individuals in the group feel a strong bond and goodwill towards each other. Camaraderie often leads to a positive and supportive atmosphere within the group, fostering teamwork and collaboration. The term is commonly used to describe the friendly and sociable relationships that develop among teammates, colleagues, or members of a community.

Other forms of ‘camaraderie’

While “camaraderie” is a term that specifically refers to the warm and friendly rapport among a group of people, there are related concepts and terms that capture similar ideas of mutual support, friendship, and shared experiences. Here are a few:

1. Fellowship:

  • Definition: Fellowship refers to a friendly association among people who share common interests, goals, or experiences. It often implies a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.
  • Example: The members of the hiking club enjoyed the fellowship that developed during their weekend trips to the mountains.

2. Comradeship:

  • Definition: Comradeship emphasizes the strong bond and loyalty among individuals who share a common cause or mission, often used in the context of comrades in arms or members of a close-knit group.
  • Example: The soldiers developed a deep sense of comradeship during their challenging deployment, relying on each other for support.

3. Esprit de Corps:

  • Definition: This French term translates to “spirit of the group” and refers to the collective pride, loyalty, and camaraderie within a group, especially in a military or organizational context.
  • Example: The sports team demonstrated a strong esprit de corps, celebrating victories together and supporting each other through defeats.

4. Solidarity:

  • Definition: Solidarity involves a sense of unity and mutual support among individuals facing a common challenge or advocating for a shared cause.
  • Example: The community showed solidarity in helping each other rebuild after the natural disaster, demonstrating a strong sense of togetherness.

5. Brotherhood/Sisterhood:

  • Definition: Brotherhood and sisterhood convey a close and supportive relationship among individuals, often emphasizing a familial bond or a sense of belonging.
  • Example: The fraternity members shared a strong brotherhood, supporting each other academically and socially throughout their college years.

How to pronounce camaraderie?

“Camaraderie” is pronounced as “kah-muh-RAH-duh-ree.” Here’s a breakdown of the pronunciation:

  • kah-muh: The first syllable sounds like “kuh” with a short “a” sound, and “muh” with a short “u” sound.
  • -RAH-duh-ree: The second part has three syllables. “RAH” is pronounced like the “ra” in “car,” and “duh” is pronounced like “duh.” The final “ree” sounds like the letter “r” followed by a long “e” sound.

So, when you put it all together, it sounds like “kah-muh-RAH-duh-ree.”

Synonyms and antonyms of camaraderie

Synonyms of camaraderie: fellowship, comradeship, brotherhood, unity, solidarity, esprit de corps, harmony, togetherness, mutual support, sociability, community, friendship, company, generosity, companionship, society, intimacy

Antonyms of camaraderie: estrangement, alienation, discord, hostility, rivalry, antagonism, disunity, dissension, animosity, isolation, loneliness, lonesomeness, forlornness

Examples of the word ‘camaraderie’ in sentences

1. The summer camp fostered a strong sense of camaraderie among the children, as they shared laughter, adventures, and unforgettable moments.

  • In this example, “camaraderie” describes the close and friendly bond that developed among the children at the summer camp.

2. Despite the competitive nature of the tournament, there was a surprising camaraderie among the athletes, who cheered for each other’s successes.

  • Here, “camaraderie” highlights the unexpected sense of mutual support and friendship among the athletes despite the competitive setting.

3. The workplace thrived on a culture of camaraderie, with colleagues supporting one another during challenging projects and celebrating achievements as a team.

  • This sentence emphasizes that the workplace culture is characterized by a positive and supportive environment among colleagues.

4. The long road trip created a unique camaraderie among the group of friends, who sang songs, played games, and shared stories along the way.

  • “Camaraderie” describes the special and close bond that developed among the friends during the road trip.

5. The military unit’s success was not only attributed to their training but also to the tight camaraderie that developed among the soldiers during their missions.

  • In this context, “camaraderie” underscores the close and cohesive relationship among the soldiers, contributing to their overall success.

6. The volunteer team demonstrated remarkable camaraderie as they worked together to provide assistance and support to those affected by the natural disaster.

  • “Camaraderie” here emphasizes the strong teamwork and mutual support exhibited by the volunteer team in their efforts.

7. The book club members developed a close camaraderie over their shared love for literature, engaging in lively discussions and forming lasting friendships.

  • In this sentence, “camaraderie” describes the sense of friendship and shared interests that developed among the book club members.

8. The theater cast experienced a deep sense of camaraderie during the rehearsals, creating a positive and collaborative atmosphere that translated into a successful performance.

  • Here, “camaraderie” highlights the positive and collaborative atmosphere among the theater cast, contributing to the success of their performance.

9. The small-town community showcased incredible camaraderie during the annual festival, with everyone coming together to organize events and celebrate their shared traditions.

  • This example illustrates the strong sense of community and mutual support, described by the term “camaraderie.”

10. The sports team’s camaraderie was evident both on and off the field, contributing to their success as they faced challenges and celebrated victories together.

  • “Camaraderie” in this sentence emphasizes the teamwork and unity among the sports team members, contributing to their overall success.

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