11 Boxing Riddles With Answers For Kids And Students

Boxing Riddles (with answers) are a unique and challenging form of wordplay that tests the knowledge of boxing enthusiasts and riddle lovers alike. These riddles present a question about the sport of boxing, with a clever and cryptic answer that requires careful thought to uncover. Whether you’re a seasoned boxer, or simply enjoy a good mental workout, Boxing Riddles offer a thrilling and engaging way to expand your boxing knowledge and hone your critical thinking skills. So lace up your gloves, step into the ring, and get ready to challenge your mind with the most exciting boxing riddles around!

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Boxing Riddles With Answers

1. There’s one “sport” in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends. What is it? Answer: Boxing

2. One sport in which neither spectators, participants nor leader knows the score until the contest ends. What is it? Answer: Boxing

3. In boxing I am square. On your finger I am round. I’m inside every tree. I am also a bells sound. Answer: Ring

4. How long is a round in a men’s professional boxing match? Answer: 3 minutes

5. How did the hobbit ruin the boxing match? Answer: He tried to destroy the ring!

6. Which ring is a square? Answer: Boxing Ring

7. What’s the difference between a boxer and a person with a cold? Answer: One knows his blows and the other blows his nose.

8. What is a fighter’s favorite dog? Answer: A Boxer

9. What do boxers and fishermen have in common? Answer: They both throw hooks

10. Two boxers are in a boxing match. the fight is scheduled for 12 rounds but ends after 6 rounds after one boxer knocks out the other boxer. Yet no man throws a punch. How is this possible? Answer: They are women!!!!

11. Boxers do this for a living and kids do it in the backseat for free. Answer: fight

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